Apple I Phone Video Shot : Truth Behind this Video See and Think

Hello friends today we will will show you an I phone shot video and in this video you will see very exciting images. So, first we will advice to Go through this video completely.

So, what do you think after seeing this video . As per Apple this video has been shot out at Apple Iphone Smartphones. I think you all of you having  some question in mind that how is it possible. So, below you try to see one Image then we will explain you step by step.

Yes true this shot has been taken from Iphone Only but in real you can see below in Shot on Iphone it has been showing  “additional equipment and software used” at the bottom of the ad. the above picture is not cleared in this image so you can also refer to the you tube video.

Here in this shot the additional software and equipment they are using that belongs to professional grade and it used by the Professional video making only. For a general iphone user to take photos like that is near to impossible. This type of equipement are very expensive and for general iphone user they will think many times for purchasing it. At the same time we cannot denied  the fact that iPhones have the best cameras in the world.

We will list two Most common equipment used to shoot these pictures and videos is a rig like this one –




The real truth behind this scenes are apple uses many external gadgets and external lighting to make the scene perfect for a mobile camera with a tiny sensor and heavy image processing to capture it right.If you try to capture the similar scene with only iphone and no help of any other technology/gadgets, you will hardly get it as displayed in ad.

Most importantly, those images are captured by professionals.